In The Shadows

Episode 2 — The Twillight Tomb (Part 3)
One more day in a tomb of glass

Previously ‘In The Shadows’…

In the next adventure: Even if the troupe is reunited, will they be strong enough for what awaits them in the last tower?

Episode 2 — The Twillight Tomb (Part 2)
Just another day... in the realm of twilights

Previously ‘In The Shadows’…

In the next adventure: Will the fighter, the ranger, the wujen, and the bard get out of this glass cage?

To be continued…

Episode 2 — The Twillight Tomb (Part 1)
Perils at the fortress of glass!

In the next adventure: A fighter, a ranger, a wujen, a bard and the journey to Starwood Outpost.

To be continued…

Episode 1 — Under the Raven (Part 2)
Who knows what dangers lurk under the shadow of the raven...

Xibaluku sacrifice disposal from conan

Previously ‘In The Shadows’…

At Raven’s Bluff, the troupe met up with Sheriff Bennedick, the zealous paladin from Episode 0. The situation having become bigger than we could hopefully handle, we shared our story of the bandits, the child and the temple of Drows. The Paladin stitched together the disappearance of other children and a series of High Elves turning up dead by lightning. He theorized that the children are being sacrificed to feed a veil of dark energy over the city.

The paladin instructed us to band together and strike through the temple entrance Caelen found. He and his group of deputies would strike by the sewers that connect to the temple.

We regrouped with Ziaca and a helpful Stone Cutter friend, a rogue, and took the child to a safe location. We then went to work.

Into the underbelly of Raven’s Bluff

Day had fallen by the time we arrived at the temple’s entrance, the guarding Drow where no longer present. We entered carefully and followed the cavernous tunnel, the atmosphere was too quiet. As we reached a sewage chamber, bone-chilling howls caught our attention and made our next steps hesitant. A large sealed door barred us from the next hallway. Even worse, the door was trapped. The dwarf, ranger and rogue attempted to disable the trap but only damaged the door in the process. Taking it and the trap apart would take some time.

Another shriek of howls echoed in the chamber and out of the broken drain pipes above us, a couple of Howlers jumped down. We mobilized rapidly even though the evil beasts proved to be a challenge we fiercely vanquished them with might and magic.

The badly wounded rested while the dwarf and rogue took continued to dismantle the door. After an hour we where surprised by a Drider archer crawling out of the drain pipes. Most likely looking for its pets. He was of little resistance against Tao-Tao’s strong spells.

The Room Within a Room

With the door and trap dismantled we proceeded to through the next hallway and into the next room. An empty room. A dead-end. Almost ethereal ambiance filled the room, as if the walls were hollow. Sounds that seemed like chanting. At the far end of the room was a short hallway, more of a crevice, with a large crevice with a strange and ancient looking symbols. The dwarf looked into what it might be and discovered it to be some form of plane changer. One that would lead us into another room. Most likely where the source of the chanting comes from.

The dwarf activated the device and as quickly as one could snap their fingers, we where in another room. Exactly as the one before but filled with Drow mages and warriors standing around a stone bed holding an unconscious child. A dark portal of energy floated in one corner. To our surprise, they were lead by Sylvia, the mother who asked us to find her child. Thankfully, the Drow were all distracted, an excellent opportunity to crash the party.

And so we did and with the most auspicious of timing, Bennedick and a few remaining deputies stormed in through a large drain pipe. The battle grew with intensity like none of us had ever felt. Bennedick seemed possessed by ethereal forces and trashed the enemy left and right with little effort. Thankfully, he was on our side, we couldn’t imagine the pain we would be in if he was our nemesis. The situation became clearly dire for the Drow and so Sylvia leapt into the portal to escape. Bennedick followed her into the portal shouting “I’ll be right back!” Before we could attempt anything the portal vanished behind him. The cult was destroyed.

We returned to the surface of Raven’s Bluff. The remaining deputies honoured our good services to the well being of the city. The young boy was held over to an orphanage. A good days work and prayers for Bennedick were celebrated in ale at the Stone Cutter’s.

The fate of Bennedick and Sylvia would remain a mystery to us for quite some time…

Episode 1 — Under the Raven (Part 1)
The Boy Without a Ransom

Tavern brawl by velinov

Fun Times !

With joy in our hearts and beer in our guts, we celebrated the return to health of our good friends! The Stone Cutter was full of pleasant people enjoying themselves but amidst all the beautiful brawling and awful signing a lady and her two-man escort sat in a corner…

Svarðlr and Caelen noticed them and approached with a few rounds on the house. The lady, shrouded in a veil and calling herself Sylvia, politely refused the generous portion of dwarven ale. Her pale eyes had a gaze that could probably freeze the warmest soul in the hottest day of Flamerule. Our adventurous demeanour quickly led her to offer us a job in exchange for a generous amount of gold.

Her son, heir to a goods transports company, was kidnapped by a band of dark horse-riding bandits. It has now been a week and strangely no word of a ransom demand in sight. The conversation expanded and we asked questions as to possibilities of who and why the young lad might have been kidnapped. The competition had been thoroughly interrogated with no avail. We discovered we wouldn’t be the first to look for the kid, the other groups of adventurers seem to have disappeared. The only lead she had was the location of the kidnapping and a lock of hair that was magically perfumed.

It was getting late and at this rate, time became quite precious.

Along the Fire River

Years ago the grey orcs lived and waged war against the local elves near the Fire River, now only a few groups live in the mountains. Rumours mention bandits have settled into various hideouts in the woods close to the river.

That morning we prepared our bags and traveled to the boy’s last known location, close to the river. It took the day to get there and we chose to setup camp and rest for the night. Unfortunately for us, a large group of goblins wasn’t far and disrupted our night. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t expect us to disband them so rapidly with the help of a few distractions from Tao.

Dawn arrived by the time we finished disposing of the corpses into the earth. With the help of Ziaca’s trusty mouse, we followed the magical scent to a small barn deep in the woods.

The Bandit’s Hideout

Though the camp was small, the group of bandits were numerous. We spent a few hours surveying the camp, observing their movements, their numbers and their positions. Three stood around a camp fire a dozen feet away from the barn. Two stood at separate corners of the stone building and an unknown amount were inside. The boy had to be inside.

Our plan was messy but required a rapid and decisive strike on all fronts. Tao, Svarðlr and Ziaca would strike those around the campfire. Caelen would strike those next to the building while the dwarf would knock the shins out of any who barged out of the barn.

Caelen’s arrow accidentally slipped from his fingers and stroke the nearest bandit, forcing the plan into overdrive. The campfire was quickly dispatched without a hassle. A ruckus erupted from the inside, the door pushed upon and just as the dwarf was about to strike a veil of darkness shrouded him. Any who would step into the dark veil would become blinded except the bandits, of course.

With much sweat and blood we vanquished our foes one by one. The troupe used the small windows to their advantage to take out the mages inside handicapping everyone. In the end, only one bandit survived although purposefully to answer our questions and burry her comrades. Answers were quite few and we remained puzzled about the kidnapping. The most relevant of information is a temple along the river close to the mountains.

Out of the Ordinary

As we tended to the boy, Caelen discovered the young lad’s a Drow magically masked to appear like an ordinary elf. The situation having become quite strange, we chose not to return the boy right away and instructed Ziaca to take him somewhere we could not find them while we uncover the truth. Caelen would investigate the temple, having retrieved a cloak of camouflage from the fallen bandits. The rest of the troupe would go back to Raven’s Bluff to see what they could find on their end.

To be continued…

Episode 0 — To Raven's Bluff
The dwarf barfed in his beard !

Pirate attack by pbario

Along The Dragon Reach

Yes indeed friends, as you may have noticed by my exclamation, we were ambushed by blood-thirsty pirates on our way to Raven’s Bluff ! Those boat-running hooligans caught us off guard but we fought hard and managed to save the ship. Unfortunately, two dear companions fell overboard into The Dragon Reach without a trace left afloat.

Lost & Found

The next day, we docked at Raven’s Bluff. The city was new to everyone and required exploration but we chose to hit the first tavern in sight, the Stone Cutter’s Paradise. The morning was spent drowning our sorrows in ale for our lost comrades. Around the sun’s apex, rumours reached our mourning ears about an elf and a man found on the shores a dozen pints earlier. Upon a glimmer of hope and with the help of a dwarven patron of the Stone Cutter, we rushed over to the nearby Lathander temple where the survivors were bedded.

It was indeed our lost comrades but they were unconscious, some sort of coma. A young Lathanderian healer, who was assigned to them, told us that the two were infected with a parasitic starfish in their throats. He instructed us that only a solution of Remorhaz could properly extract the parasite without killing its host.

Searching, Hunting & Chasing

A young mage passing by heard the conversation and luckily offered to help in exchange of a trivial service: he wanted us to recover some magical items left behind by his master in an abandoned basement. Without wasting any more time or saliva, we took off to the abandoned location, busting down the doors and franticly searched for the magical goods.

Our inexperience with such dire situations almost cost us our lives. We had to kill goblins, deal with a daring thief and excuse ourselves to a zealous paladin. Traps and obstacles were all over the place but our crafty rogue and knowledgeable wu-jen proved useful in the face of danger!

We finally found the damned chest containing the goal of our mission and brought it back to the mage who respected his word and gave us the remedy that saved our comrades!


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