In The Shadows

Episode 0 — To Raven's Bluff

The dwarf barfed in his beard !

Pirate attack by pbario

Along The Dragon Reach

Yes indeed friends, as you may have noticed by my exclamation, we were ambushed by blood-thirsty pirates on our way to Raven’s Bluff ! Those boat-running hooligans caught us off guard but we fought hard and managed to save the ship. Unfortunately, two dear companions fell overboard into The Dragon Reach without a trace left afloat.

Lost & Found

The next day, we docked at Raven’s Bluff. The city was new to everyone and required exploration but we chose to hit the first tavern in sight, the Stone Cutter’s Paradise. The morning was spent drowning our sorrows in ale for our lost comrades. Around the sun’s apex, rumours reached our mourning ears about an elf and a man found on the shores a dozen pints earlier. Upon a glimmer of hope and with the help of a dwarven patron of the Stone Cutter, we rushed over to the nearby Lathander temple where the survivors were bedded.

It was indeed our lost comrades but they were unconscious, some sort of coma. A young Lathanderian healer, who was assigned to them, told us that the two were infected with a parasitic starfish in their throats. He instructed us that only a solution of Remorhaz could properly extract the parasite without killing its host.

Searching, Hunting & Chasing

A young mage passing by heard the conversation and luckily offered to help in exchange of a trivial service: he wanted us to recover some magical items left behind by his master in an abandoned basement. Without wasting any more time or saliva, we took off to the abandoned location, busting down the doors and franticly searched for the magical goods.

Our inexperience with such dire situations almost cost us our lives. We had to kill goblins, deal with a daring thief and excuse ourselves to a zealous paladin. Traps and obstacles were all over the place but our crafty rogue and knowledgeable wu-jen proved useful in the face of danger!

We finally found the damned chest containing the goal of our mission and brought it back to the mage who respected his word and gave us the remedy that saved our comrades!



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