In The Shadows

Episode 1 — Under the Raven (Part 2)

Who knows what dangers lurk under the shadow of the raven...

Xibaluku sacrifice disposal from conan

Previously ‘In The Shadows’…

At Raven’s Bluff, the troupe met up with Sheriff Bennedick, the zealous paladin from Episode 0. The situation having become bigger than we could hopefully handle, we shared our story of the bandits, the child and the temple of Drows. The Paladin stitched together the disappearance of other children and a series of High Elves turning up dead by lightning. He theorized that the children are being sacrificed to feed a veil of dark energy over the city.

The paladin instructed us to band together and strike through the temple entrance Caelen found. He and his group of deputies would strike by the sewers that connect to the temple.

We regrouped with Ziaca and a helpful Stone Cutter friend, a rogue, and took the child to a safe location. We then went to work.

Into the underbelly of Raven’s Bluff

Day had fallen by the time we arrived at the temple’s entrance, the guarding Drow where no longer present. We entered carefully and followed the cavernous tunnel, the atmosphere was too quiet. As we reached a sewage chamber, bone-chilling howls caught our attention and made our next steps hesitant. A large sealed door barred us from the next hallway. Even worse, the door was trapped. The dwarf, ranger and rogue attempted to disable the trap but only damaged the door in the process. Taking it and the trap apart would take some time.

Another shriek of howls echoed in the chamber and out of the broken drain pipes above us, a couple of Howlers jumped down. We mobilized rapidly even though the evil beasts proved to be a challenge we fiercely vanquished them with might and magic.

The badly wounded rested while the dwarf and rogue took continued to dismantle the door. After an hour we where surprised by a Drider archer crawling out of the drain pipes. Most likely looking for its pets. He was of little resistance against Tao-Tao’s strong spells.

The Room Within a Room

With the door and trap dismantled we proceeded to through the next hallway and into the next room. An empty room. A dead-end. Almost ethereal ambiance filled the room, as if the walls were hollow. Sounds that seemed like chanting. At the far end of the room was a short hallway, more of a crevice, with a large crevice with a strange and ancient looking symbols. The dwarf looked into what it might be and discovered it to be some form of plane changer. One that would lead us into another room. Most likely where the source of the chanting comes from.

The dwarf activated the device and as quickly as one could snap their fingers, we where in another room. Exactly as the one before but filled with Drow mages and warriors standing around a stone bed holding an unconscious child. A dark portal of energy floated in one corner. To our surprise, they were lead by Sylvia, the mother who asked us to find her child. Thankfully, the Drow were all distracted, an excellent opportunity to crash the party.

And so we did and with the most auspicious of timing, Bennedick and a few remaining deputies stormed in through a large drain pipe. The battle grew with intensity like none of us had ever felt. Bennedick seemed possessed by ethereal forces and trashed the enemy left and right with little effort. Thankfully, he was on our side, we couldn’t imagine the pain we would be in if he was our nemesis. The situation became clearly dire for the Drow and so Sylvia leapt into the portal to escape. Bennedick followed her into the portal shouting “I’ll be right back!” Before we could attempt anything the portal vanished behind him. The cult was destroyed.

We returned to the surface of Raven’s Bluff. The remaining deputies honoured our good services to the well being of the city. The young boy was held over to an orphanage. A good days work and prayers for Bennedick were celebrated in ale at the Stone Cutter’s.

The fate of Bennedick and Sylvia would remain a mystery to us for quite some time…



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